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Incoming resin quality assurance

Incoming resin quality assurance

All incoming raw materials that arrive at our facilities will be extruded on our in house lab line to inspect for gels, polymer dispersion, clarity and blocking. In addition the following tests are done to insure that the product will meet all specifications that were intended for the customer.

Melt index
Coefficient of Friction (COF) ASTM 1984-93 film slip level
Shrink ratios and seal ability. ASTM D2732
Puncture ASTM D5748
Tensile and Elongation ASTM D882

Physical Properties testing methods

Physical Properties testing methods

Tensile and Elongation

This test is used as a film strength indicator for R&D work and in creating spec. sheets. Tensiles are reported in PSI at break. Elongation is reported in Percent % elongation at break.

Elmendorf Tear Test

This test sill show how resistant the film is to tearing forces. This is a critical test for all mattress film. Reports are reported in grams.

Instron Puncture test

This test will evaluate how much puncture the film can absorb. Results are reported in Lbs. to fail

Shrink testing

This test will determine the shrink properties of the machine direction (MD) and of the Transverse direction (TD) . Those results will allow us to make sure that our film will create a tight package while going thru bundling lines at customer.

Actual testing of specific applications

Outgoing Material testing

Below is a few of the common items that we sell and the tests that are performed to insure product dependability before shipment.

Shrink Films:
  • Shrink ration test for MD and TD. ASTM D5748
  • Gauge Profiles and Gusset Dimensions
  • Secant Modulus ASTM D882
  • COF ASTM 1894-93
Mattress and Foam Wide sheeting:
  • Puncture test ASTM D5748
  • Elmendorf Tear ASTMD1922-93
  • Dart Impact ASTM 1709-91
  • Size and Gauge Profile
  • COF
Trash bags and Liners
  • Seal Test on Instron Tensile tester ASTM 882
  • Weight test
  • Dart Drop test ASTM D1709-91
  • Elmendorf tear ASTM D1922-93
Stretch Hooder:
  • Stretch Recovery Test ASTM D5459-95
  • Puncture ASTM D 5748
  • COF inside and outside
  • Gauge Profile and Gusset Configuration