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Sales, customer service, operations

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At AAP we offer a complete line of custom manufactured bags and sheeting. We will design a bag for virtually any application. Custom modifications utilizing color concentrates, ultra violet inhibitors, absorbers, flame retardants, and anti statics are available. Our films are designed for specific customer applications, and have been market tested and approved. A sales representatives can help you choose from our extensive product line or we can develop a custom film for your unique application.

Latest Technology

Shrink Hood

❖  Machinability under highspeeds
❖  Consistent film dimensions
❖  Ability to handle variations in ambient plant temperatures
❖  Great optics (good for allowing bar-code reading) Consistent COF, which allow for consistent load holding forces and consistent machinability
❖  Consistent film tension, winding characteristics, and core size
❖  Anti-blocking agents to help reduce/eliminate film blocking and static
❖  Balanced horizontal and vertical shrink for ideal containment, regardless of load size or height
❖  Great sealability
❖  Rigid (yet tear and puncture resistant): ideal for load stability during transport/transit (ideal for glass and paper products)

Latest Technology

Stretch Hood

Utilizing State of the Art technology on our Multi -Layer Extrusion Line, AAP has developed the technology to manufacture your stretch hood film to meet any of your specific needs. Whether its containment, elastic recovery or compression that is important to you, we can custom design it. We offer a variety of different gauges and tube sizes. AAP blends of Stretch Hood Products will perform above your expectation.

  • Machinability ➔ Allows consistent and precise movement of film within all machine parts.  This directly results in the machine’s ability to create and apply a hood in a consistent manner, even under high-speed conditions
  • Consistency in film dimensions ➔ Allows for a precise hood take-over and bag gathering.  If the bag is gathered in an equal manner on all four corners, it is applied to the load equally around the periphery of the product.
  • Forgiving:

✓  Ability to handle variations in ambient plant temperatures
✓  Ability to adjust for variances in load foot print
✓  Ability to recover and provide maximum load-holding retentive forces
✓  Ability to handle high pre-stretch and recovered stretch percentages

  • Great optics (good for allowing bar-code reading)
  • Consistent COF, which allow for consistent load holding forces and consistent machinability
  • Consistent film tension, winding characteristics, and core size
  • Anti-blocking agents to help reduce/eliminate film blocking and static
  • Consistent film stretching performance from initial film opening to end of roll
  • Industry-standard gauge tolerance which minimizes gauge thickness variations throughout film tube perimeter
  • Great sealability

Building Products

A diverse line of packaging materials, from roofing to flooring and everything in between, if you use polyethylene to protect and ship your product, we got you covered.

Paper Products

Whether you are shipping Press Ready Fine Paper or bundled rolls of household paper products, our experienced team can provide the right product for your application.

Latest Technology

White Goods

Clear view packaging supplied by AAP will help prevent damaged goods from reaching your distribution centers and consumers. Our alliances with the world premier packaging equipment manufacturers can help you develop systems to increase productivity and reduce costs.


One of the largest business segments here at AAP. We are leading the industry in uncovering specialty resins in an effort to reduce costs for our customers. We provide a diverse product line which includes improved clarity, stiffness of film, wide sealing range capabilities that are all available in high slip, medium slip and low slip formulations. We also have a full line of Form Fill and Seal products.

Mailing and Distribution

We are listed on the US Postal Service web page as a certified supplier. Catalogs, phone books, bulk mailing packages, or newspaper bundling film are supplied across the country on a daily basis.

Food Processors

AAP uses FDA approved resins to produce all our food grade materials. Our films achieve maximum machine speeds and provide superior sealing as well as severe climate stability. We offer combo liners that are leak proof with seals that are thematically produced and liquid tested.

Consumer Package Goods

From writing tablets to televisions we produce bags and film in all sizes and thicknesses.

Home Furnishing

For decades our customers have used our shrink and non-shrink furniture covers to reduce product damage. AAP supplies the leading furniture and mattress manufacturers as well as regional and specialty manufacturers. We can show you ways to cut costs, reduce waste and prevent damage to your product

Environmental Products

Our construction film made in flame retardant structures, as well as standard used. We also produce a full line of asbestos bags that are available in many grades and sizes.

Marine & Mobile Home Films

We supply film for dry boat storage with great shrink performance, and cold weather stability. Our films are produced in white, and blue with custom colors available on request.

Government Services

As an approved GSA contractor AAP provides institutional liners, shrink films, large bags, sheeting, and other products through all levels of government procurement. We are a proud participant in the blue roof program


Our complete line of bun bags, compression film and wrapping films are utilized to ensure consistent packaging results with an emphasis on consistent sealing and puncture resistance.